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Private Company (or Private Limited Company)
About Wyedean Weaving Co Ltd

Throughout Wyedean’s history and right up to the present day, its main customers have been the British Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces. But Wyedean also supplies the Metropolitan Police Force and many other armed and uniformed services around the world, not least the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Armed Forces and the Oman Police. Wyedean even supplies the Canadian Mounties with rank and designation insignia.

Minimum Order
1 (Garment), 1 (Component), 50m (Fabric) 
Weekly Production
10000 (Fabric), 10000 (Component)


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Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Merchants, Tailors, Fashion, Luxury Brands, Designers, High Street Retailers, Reenactors, Costumiers, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Defence & Security,