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While W.E. Rawson’s technology is complex, our business concept is really quite simple. In fact, you might say that W.E. Rawson was the first manufacturer to understand the significance of recycling. From the very beginning, we used machinery to process fabrics, including recycled fibres, for new uses. This process resulted in non-woven industrial textiles which were used in a variety of applications.

For nearly a century and a half, we have found inventive ways to introduce these textiles into unexpected and valuable products. These diverse and innovative offerings serve a wide variety of industries, from residential applications to underground utilities, all around the world.

Our diligent commitment to recycling materials and manufacturing them into non-woven textiles for diversified use continues today. W.E. Rawson’s highly engineered, quality manufacturing process supports three major W.E. Rawson divisions: Rawson Fillings, Rawson Carpets, and Applied Felts.

Non Woven Industrial Textiles