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The Lurex Company Ltd manufactures metallised polyester yarns, under the brand name LUREX. There are many types of shiny silver and gold yarns offered in the market, but LUREX is a brand name which applies ONLY to yarns made and sold by The Lurex Company Ltd.

LUREX was the very first metallised polyester yarn to revolutionise how we knit, weave, sew and embroider glamour into fabrics and garments. The company continues to lead the field, offering creative and highly specialised yarns for all types of fabric and garment process.

One of the biggest criticisms of metallised fibres is the scratchy handfeel and also the poor resistance to different dye processes. The Lurex Company has pioneered new yarns which feel soft to the touch, even in sheer hosiery and underwear fabrics. Moreover, a fully equipped laboratory and strong in house knowledge and expertise has allowed The Lurex Company to develop a range of yarns which will resist the majority of dye processes, so that the original glamour and shine knitted or woven in to a fabric remains, even after aggressive treatments.

The Lurex Company Ltd exports 90% of its products and works very closely with its sister company Lurex Hong Kong, to offer creative and innovative yarns all over the world.

  Sewing Thread, Yarns: Manufactures metallised polyester yarns, under the brand name LUREX. Lurex yarns can be used for machine knitting, weaving, sewing and embroidery  
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Less than 100
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Supply designers, luxury brand / high end, designers.