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Private Company (or Private Limited Company)
Premium quality cotton aprons, classic tailored shirts & waistcoats, polo's & t-shirts, plus all kinds of formal, hospitality, bar & corporate wear.
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Stretch jersey and laques, shirting pattern and stripe matching, polyesters, bi stretch polyester, all cottons and poly cotton, nylon, lace, satin and acetate linings, denim 4.5oz, wool tweed plaid and check pattern matching, waxed cotton, scuba fabric, faux leather, viscose wool
Machinery & Equipment
2 Gerber Technology Pattern and Grading Systems 1 Digitizing 1 Plotter Layplans 1 Pattern printer and cutter Cutting Table A is 8m x 2m with fabric spreader Cutting Table B is 5m x 2m with double fabric frame Straight knife cutter, rotary cutters, lace cutters 11 Lockstitch Machine 8x 4 Thread Overlockers 3x 5 Thread Overlockers 2 Hemming Machines 4 Commercial Irons 1 Blind hemmer 2 Button holing machine 1 Std button machine 1 Shank button machine 2 Cover seam with auto trim 1 Bar tack machine 1 Chain stitch machine 1 Gathering machine 1 Free arm needle feed binder 1 Elastic binder swing needle 1 Cover seam 1 Cover seam binder 1 Walking foot lockstitch 1 Walking foot binder 1 Walking foot twin needle 1 Bonidex machine

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