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Private Company (or Private Limited Company)
About So-Mes Creation

So-Mes Creation combines over 150 years experience in bespoke design, global fabric resourcing, skilled craftsmanship, 21st Century technology and business expertise. The team is dedicated to ensuring this tradition of the cutting edge design and ethical manufacturing in Leicester continues, and is extremely proud to say they are a part of this.

Sustainable textiles in the fashion industry is a growing awareness of the processes used to make clothing and the impact it has around the world. So-Mes Creation works with materials that are blended from natural plant-based fibres to meet individual client requirements. Manufacturing processes take place in-house, using fabric suppliers who are knitting, printing/dyeing in the UK.

So-Mes Creation provides a great quality service to all its customers, regardless of the order quantity, to ensure customers are satisfied.

All work from design to production carried out in one house.  Laser cutting services also available So-Mes Creation manufacture garments from jerseys, wovens, satins, silks and many other specialist fabrics. The company says its greatest assets are flexibility, creativity and drive to meet customers needs, working on orders and projects large or small. So-Mes Creation produces a diverse range of garments consisting of Dresses, T-Shirts, Tops, Trousers, Jumpsuits, Lounge-wear, Kaftans and much more... So-Mes Creation produces garments from UK size 6 to UK size 32, ensuring a true fit for every garment worn and using different size blocks to achieve this for every style designed. The whole process of manufacturing from design through to packaging is done under one roof. Lead time is between 4 to 8 weeks from the confirmation of orders. So-Mes Creation can  provide patterns and styling advice through its vastly experienced design team, to ensure that the specifications will meet customer requirements. All garments produced by So-Mes Creation go through vigorous quality control checks, with various packaging/shipping solutions based upon customer requirements.
Minimum Order
100 units
Weekly Production
6000 Units
Machinery & Equipment
Overlockers, Lockstitch, button hole, button sew, hemming, binding, large cutting table.
Works With
large online retailers and independent online stores.