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About RA Smart

Based in the silk town of Macclesfield we operate one of the country’s largest digital print facilities with the capability to print on cottons/wools/silks and polyesters.

R.A. Smart has specialised in printing textiles since 1972. We now offer both digital and screen printing as well as dying and weaving. Traditional screen printing and screen manufacturing is our heritage and how the business was established. We currently have 4 looms, offering Jacquard Weave, which supports the Macclesfield tradition of silk weaving. We can print onto most fabric bases including: Silk, Wool, Cotton, Linen, Velvet, Blends and Polyester and also offer wall paper printing. R.A. Smart offers printing for all departments including: Fashion, Interiors, Household, ties and Neckwear. We offer print runs to suit any requirement, with a minimum order of just 1 meter. RA Smart offer a makeup service for items including: Scarves, Ties, Pocket Squares, Tea Towels, Oven Gloves, Cushions, Aprons & Tote Bags
Minimum Order
Weekly Production
We have the capacity to print up to 20,000 Meters per week and make up approximately 5,000 items per week.
Machinery & Equipment
We have a variety of machines including: Monna Lisa, Mimaki JV5, Mimaki TS5, Transmatic Rotary Heatpress and we offer Acid, Reactive and Pigment inks as well as sublimation printing for polyester.


Works With
We work with designers and fashion houses across the board – from students to high end design studios all over the world.