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About Parameter Technical Sewing

Parameter is committed to providing high quality creative technical cutting and sewing solutions for our customers. We know that every job is different, which is why our services can be easily adapted and tailored to suit your needs. We look for long-term partnerships where trust is built and highly consistent standards are maintained. 

We work with customers either manufacturing their own products to their exacting standards, reverse engineering products that they perhaps source from overseas but wish to switch to the UK, or a development projects from scratch – design/development to manufacture. We can produce the necessary Product Technical File required for CE and UKCA Marking, and can provide Washing/Shrinkage Assessments and basic Product Weight Testing reports to affirm the Safe working Load (SWL) in line with ISO10535:2006 and LOLER. 

Give us a call if you have any questions, or if you’d like to meet with one of our team members.

Non-Rigid Handling and Lifting Aids for the Healthcare Mobility Sector - Slings/Handling Belts/Slide Sheets, etc