Materia Products

  • Accessories | Bags | Belts | Childrenswear and Babywear | Garments | Luggage | Menswear | Pattern Cutting and Making | Small leather goods | Womenswear
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Company Profile
Date Established
Type of Company
Private Company (or Private Limited Company)
Menswear, Womenswear, Childrenswear, Leather, Sheepskin, Bags, Belts, Luggage, Rucksacks, Small Leather Goods, Pattern Cutting & Making, Product Development, Sampling
Minimum Order
10 Garments, 10 Accessories
Weekly Production
100 Garments, 100 Accessories
Machinery & Equipment
Industrial Sewing Machines, Industrial Overlocking Machines, Computerised stitching programable with custom patterns, Clicker press cutting, Riveting,

Works With
All number of clients from luxury fashion brands, to high street retailers right through to local designer makers and members of the public.