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About Marcia Brown Footwear

Marcia Brown CEO of Marcia Brown Footwear provides handcrafted designs to a female clientele seeking limited editions as well as comfort, cleverly placement of fine embellishment, specially hand stitched in her london atelier adorn each pairs.

A solid relationship with Italian and Spanish manufacturers allows the bespoke maker to select exquisite quality material and deliver bright great coordination in her designs.

With creative talent and conscientious quality of service, the design proposes a diversified product line inclusive of customers with sizing challenges. made to order luxurious evening-wear, elevated heels, flats as well as trainers. specialised footwear engineering arrangement can be discussed and made upon request. putting to great use her taste for precious ornamentation and knowledge of the foot anatomy. Marcia’s promise back to the world is to make a difference into people’s life.

Marcia Brown Footwear makes one-off treasurable pieces for all passionate shoe lovers.

You can book an appointment to discuss your requirements and how we can best help.