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Taking its name from the Yorkshire town and the cradle of luxury textile manufacturing in England, Huddersfield Cloth are wholesalers and merchants of premium apparel textile fabrics, supplying cut lengths of woven textiles to tailors, designers and retailers around the world. We design, create and produce many of the fabrics we supply, all within a 10 mile radius of our warehouse, drawing on the best tried and trusted traditional skills and processes which our area offers. Quality underpins everything we do from the selection of planet-friendly yarns, through the skills and talents of our designer to the weaving and finishing carried out by specialists with knowledge and expertise which only years of experience can bring.

Huddersfield Cloth has always focussed on the online experience of choosing and ordering fabrics and for this reason our online portal has been designed specifically to make the ordering process for its customers around the world as effortless as it can possibly be.

Prompt delivery of our customers’ orders has always been a crucial part of the service we offer. We aim to have fabric on its way within 24 hours of being ordered, if it isn’t, there needs to be a good reason why ! Our aim is to ensure that the customer’s experience, from fabric selection, to placement of order, to dispatch is as seamless as possible