Gardiner Yarns

  • Acrylic | Alpaca | Angora | Aramid | Cashmere | Cashmere or other fine animal hair | Mohair | Polyester/ synthetics/ blends | Viscose | Wool | Yarn
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Type of Company
Private Company (or Private Limited Company)
About Gardiner Yarns
  We are a yarn spinner based in Huddersfield making woollen spun stock supported coloured mixture ranges based on “shades of nature” as well as custom colours.
We also spin bespoke yarns made to our client’s own specification including noble breeds such as cashmere, wool and wool/synthetic blends.
  Stock supported yarn ranges
Minimum Order
1200 gram
Weekly Production
Machinery & Equipment
Woollen carding machines, spinning, winding.
Works With
Knitters and weavers throughout the UK.