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About Cambrian Mountains Wool

Cambrian Mountains Wool CIC aims to :

  • facilitate the purchase and processing of, in commercial quantities, the wool produced on the region’s farms.

  • promote designers, makers and small manufacturers using locally produced wool; support and encourage traditional skills and engage with local communities and others to raise awareness of wool production in the region.

  • use any surplus for community events and projects to encourage textile skills, and help raise awareness of wool production in the region; engage with customers (wholesale and retail) and the wider community to promote the use of a valuable resource.

Cambrian Wool offers premium wool is the finest grade of Welsh Mule, the name given to the local Welsh breed when crossed with the Blue Face Leicester. It’s the Blue Face that imparts the lustre and fineness, resulting in a worsted spun yarn with a sheen and a halo suitable for attire of all kinds. It felts well too, and makes a beautiful woven fabric.

As well as yarns for handknit and crochet in 4ply and Double knit, Cambrian Wool is keen to develop weaving yarns using its Cambrian wool.

The Community Interest Community Interest Company is always interested in hearing from potential stockists of its wool, and makers and small manufactures looking for genuine Welsh wool (scoured fleece, tops or yarn) of consistent quality.