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As leading garment dyers we work for manufacturers, designers and importers across the UK. We offer you high quality garment dyeing using the best reactive dyes for levelness, colourfastness and reproducibility. Garment dyeing can help you reduce your stocks and enable you to offer more choice and faster repeat orders to your customers. By holding your stock in undyed form you can make decisions about shades later in the production cycle. Also by garment dyeing you reduce the risk of surplus stocks of slow selling shades as well as producing garments which have a more luxurious feel than garments made from dyed fabric. If you are already familiar with garment dyeing you will know that garments should be sewn with cotton thread and allowance made for shrinkage. We are very happy to help advise you if garment dyeing is new territory for you.

We use only safe non toxic dyes from industry leading European suppliers.

  Fabric Dyeing and Finishing, Garment Dyeing.  
Minimum Order
101-300 units