Amori London

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Private Company (or Private Limited Company)
Amori London is a specialist in sampling and manufacturing of Leather Bags, Belts and Accessories. Amori offers Samples, Prototypes and Manufacturing; Innovative Design Design Support; Product Management with an understanding of the fashion industry, manufacturing, design and sales processes in leather bag, belts, and accessories. Amori has an extensive knowledge of materials (Leather, Canvas, Vegan Leather, Exotic Leather), fixture and fittings. Pattern Cutting; Material Management; Samples & Prototypes; 2D & 3D pattern cutting; Patterns created from sketches and specifications; Producing prototype/sample for inspection; Production and Manufacturing: With no minimum order, Amori has  the capacity to produce 1-300 products per week, increasing capacity when necessary. Cutting Service: Amori can cut and supply bags, belts and shoe components. Embossing Service:Heat and Foil embossing personalise with own message and company logo. Skiving & Folding Service: Amori can supply skived and folded pieces as prep support
Minimum Order
Weekly Production
100 units
Machinery & Equipment
Sewing, Clicking press, Skiving, Stamping and Splitting machines

Works With
LPOL, Paradise Row, N'Damus, Tres Elle