Industry Quotes


  • Brigitte Atkinson - Fabric Director - Jigsaw

  • Jigsaw is proud to support UK textile manufacturers. We believe that working with traditional craftsmen gives a certain quality and integrity to our product.

  • Maurice Mullen - Head of Fashion and Luxury Goods - Evening Standard

  • I absolutely believe that we can regain the pride in a label that says ‘British Made’ and that, far from being some nostalgic, sentimental throwback to days gone by, the manufacturing sector in fashion & textiles is being regenerated the length and breadth of the UK with household names like Marks & Spencer adding their weight to the case in favour of ‘making it here’. The impetus we’re seeing within this sector to support local manufacturing must be encouraged at every level from national government downwards. There is much work to do, not least in convincing the British public that it’s worth (potentially) paying extra for ‘home made’, but with the skills and talents of British industry re-focused to meet these challenges, great things can be achieved’

  • Daliah Simble - Head of UK Production -Roland Mouret

  • Made in Britain to me means craftsmanship, heritage and community. My roots are in UK manufacturing and I can remember a time when London was full of pockets of manufactures, you could spend a day going from factory to factory. 20 years on, while we don’t have the density of those factories, the growth potential is there. Communities are evolving again and interestingly with a new skillset and dynamic that is fulfilling both the luxury and the high street sectors.

  • David Hayes - Deputy Fashion Editor - Financial Times

  • When I see the mark 'Made in Britain' I think of great natural fabrics; from wool suiting cloths and tweeds to luxurious cashmere knits. All things that Britain excels at and is international renowned for.

  • Disney Roller Girl -

  • I think it's wonderful how there has been a resurgence of interest in Made In Britain from fashion consumers both young and old. The historical shoe and clothing manufacturers we have in Britain are now able to continue their trade and pass valued skills on to younger craftspeople. Without these local factories and skilled workers, there's a danger of the heritage of many of our brands losing their lustre, not to mention their superior quality. I have cashmere jumpers that were made in Scotland twenty years ago still going strong, that on a cost-per-wear basis makes them cheap as chips! With luxury brands such as Chanel making use of our tweed and knitwear factories, it' really important that we value, use and continue to celebrate these fashion producers.

  • Helen David - Harrods General Merchandise Manager - Harrods

  • When I think of ‘Made in Britain’ I immediately think of our iconic luxury British brands that design and manufacture their collections here in the UK, in turn supporting our home-grown design talent, textile producers, UK ateliers and factories.

    My favourite British-made item would have to be one of my treasured Ralph & Russo made-to-measure dresses. When it comes to couture, they are incredibly talented and take the time to sit and understand exactly what each client wants.  Tamara manages to create you a piece that accentuates your curves and is guaranteed to make you the belle of the ball. The fabrics, the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, and the final designs, which are all beautifully made here in London on Sloane Street, will always lead me back to them for every fabulous occasion.

    When you look at British-made brands there is always a unique heritage story and a feeling of quality craftsmanship.  British-based manufacturing shines a light on the focused and intricate craftsmanship of the collections, whether it’s from Roland Mouret’s atelier in London, or the Mulberry factory in Somerset.

  • Laura Weir - Head of Fashion Features - Sunday Times Style

  • I think the fashion industry is doing its upmost to make Made in Britain be on the agenda when it comes to how the public are viewing shopping. On a consumer level from the fashion industry side its already there for the taking, so now it’s time for the government to really get involved and start encouraging companies to set up factories here, making the costs feasible for businesses and to put the UK back on the world stage in terms of manufacturing so we can be a competitor again.

  • Maria Hollins - Retail Director - ASOS

  • As a global fashion destination, ASOS is proud of its UK roots and London base, where so much creative talent hails from. With a customer base of 20-somethings, nurturing and celebrating that talent - through initiatives such as the recently launched Stitching Academy at The Factory in north London to support British manufacturing for international export - not only mirrors everything we stand for as a brand, but also sets young people up with expanded skill sets for their future careers.

  • Marcus Jaye - Blogger - The Chic Geek

  • Anyone still producing in Britain shows a commitment and passion for their product, producing here isn't easy. 'Made in Britain' means quality, integrity and passion.

  • Bruno Guillon - CEO - Mulberry

  • Mulberry is proud to be a British brand and our heritage is central to our brand identity and a vital part of our international appeal. For us to be able to say that more and more of our bags are made in Britain gives the brand authenticity, so we are not just relying on our history to justify our identity. We are also a British company and feel responsible for being a part of the government’s attempts to maintain a manufacturing industry in this country and to provide jobs for the local community.

  • Craig Prest - Creative Director - Henri Lloyd

  • Henri Lloyd has a proud British heritage built on quality and product excellence. These qualities are very much mirrored with the partners we choose to work with when making product in the UK. There is a sense of craftsmanship and attention to detail that comes through having expert knowledge in manufacturing and this is perfectly captured with the factories we partner with. It’s not just about simply making a product; it's also about the finish and the care taken during the many manufacturing processes that makes a product distinct and above the ordinary.

  • Burhan Bilici - SourGrape London

  • Britain has an unrivalled history of craft and expertise within the manufacturing of garments. Made in Britain has become synonymous with unbelievable quality, but also attention to detail. We can stand strong next to other countries known for their craft, such as France and Italy and know that we produce premium products that are sought after the world over. We should be very proud and constantly remind ourselves of our heritage, while constantly striving to be on the forefront of new technologies and developments within the industry. If we combine this combination of generations of skill and future technologies, with our impassioned young British people, we believe Britain will remain an inspiration to the fashion industry.

  • Simon Colbeck - Head of Innovation and Quality - M&S

  • Best of British range:
    M&S have developed the very best of British premium tailoring using fabrics sourced and developed in the UK. Each garment is completely hand constructed from pattern cutting to production celebrating the very best of clothing manufacturing that Great Britain has to offer.

  • Ian Mclean - Managing Director - John Smedley

  • At the core of the John Smedley brand is Britishness and the very high quality we try to attain in every garment. Maintaining these values is at the heart of our business strategy and we will continue to manufacture in the UK. To this end I believe we can help our cause by talking about British manufacturers and Designers together as the creators of the “British Fashion Industry”. The media, trade organisations, and indeed ourselves, need to change our language. The product of the “British Fashion Industry” is garments. These garments are created by Designers and manufacturers together. Too often we talk only about British Designers, and we should at the same time broadcast the skills of British manufacturers as well.

  • Dan Hasby-Oliver - Blogger - Last Style of Defense

  • "Encapsulating dedication, attention to detail and keeping quality craftsmanship alive, it is the people that design, produce, hand make and sell items that are Made in Britain that help keep the industry alive. Seeing John Smedley sweaters in Derbyshire and Harris Tweed in the Outer Hebridies made by people who have been with the companies 15, 20 and 25 or more years shows that an enriching passion for their job is not just about providing for themselves, but for the British Fashion Industry and ultimately, for the British people".

  • Amber Atherton - Owner - My Flash

  • At MyFlashTrash we represent a number of British designers who design and make their product in London's famous Hatton Garden. It is with great pride we offer our platform as a global stage to sell these hand made creations to the world.  

  • Nick Bannerman - Managing Director - Johnston’s of Elgin

  • “Johnstons of Elgin are Scottish to the core and have been proudly manufacturing in Scotland since 1797. We produce timeless classics whether it be in apparel cloth, cloth for interiors, woven scarves and rugs or knitted garments and accessories. Our efforts were recently recognised by our Royal Warrant granted by HRH the Prince of Wales as Manufacturers of Scottish Estate Tweed Fabric.

    We are very fortunate to have strong working partnerships established over many years with many of the world’s leading couture houses who are proud to carry products with a Made in Scotland label. From design and production perspectives, the brands we work with push the boundaries of what is possible by manufacturing in Scotland and have made us even more flexible in our approach. This in turn helps improve our own capabilities and makes us look to different solutions and improved production methods which benefits everyone in the longer term.”

  • Hannah Rochell - Junior Fashion Editor/Blogger - In Style/En-Brogue

  • To me Made in Britain means supporting my country and products that are made here. In addition, being responsible about where I am shopping because I am personally quite interested in reducing my carbon footprint. So if what I wear is made in Britain then it’s travelled less far and it’s much better for the environment.

  • Helen Clinch and Myra Nigris - Directors - Hemyca

  • When we first started the business, just over 5 years ago, there were no databases and a real lack of communication between manufacturers, designers and retailers. The UKFT Lets Make It Here campaign and database is a fantastic platform for us to now get in touch with local manufactures and local teams that we can support and work with. This has been our mission since the beginning. 

  • Wendy Malem - Director Centre for Fashion Enterprise/Director Designer-Manufacturer Innovation and Support Centre (DISC)

  • More and more we hear our designers saying they want to make in the UK and it is significant tools such as Let’s Make It Here that makes this possible.

  • Ana Santi - Deputy Editor - Drapers

  • Retailers sustaining or bringing back a percentage of manufacture to the UK would help support our economy and hopefully reverse the decline in skilled people who work within it. The British textiles industry will never be the industrial manufacturing hub that it once was in its heyday, but with retailers manufacturing certain lines of their collections at factories around the country, it will provide the demand to get more people involved and working in the industry.

    Made in Britain products have a reputation for quality and expertise. For example, my Mulberry Bayswater, my favourite British produced product, was the last handbag I bought 5 years ago; the excellence of the leather and craftsmanship speaks for itself as I have not needed to replace it since.

  • Jenny Holloway - CEO - Fashion Enter / Fashion

  • with Fashion Enter Ltd manufacture up to 7000 garments a week for clients such as M and S,, John Lewis and River Island. Made in Britain is the only way forward for real design innovation today. We can turnaround an idea into finished production within just three weeks. Consumers are savy; they don't want to wait for next seasons trends - they want newness now and that's why Made in Britain is the only real way forward today for retailers and etailers.

  • Rosie Wolfenden - Director - Tatty Devine

  • Manufacturing in Britain and locally is at the heart of Tatty Devine. We have two workshops, one in London and one in Kent where our products are carefully manufactured by our highly skilled and trained workforce. Having our manufacturing at our fingertips provides many things; there is an immediacy to the process, quality is kept to the level required and it retains an integrity which is so important to what we do.