How it works

Let's Make it Here is free to use for anyone in the UK or overseas who is seeking UK production. If you are a designer, fashion brand or retailer you can search the database to find companies who can produce for you to your specifications and under your own label, or who can provide services related to the fashion industry such as pattern cutting, printing or grading, or components such as buttons or interlinings.

Most of the companies listed produce GARMENTS, ACCESSORIES or FABRIC, but you will also find UK suppliers of YARNS, FOOTWEAR, COMPONENTS and ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT, as well as SERVICE PROVIDERS.

You can search by CATEGORY, KEYWORD or LOCATION and refine your search according to your requirements. You will find companies supplying a wide range of clients, ranging from high street retailers, luxury brands and top designers to small start-ups.

We still have hundreds of manufacturing units in the UK employing skilled workers.  All of us at UKFT are committed to preserving these jobs and skills and we are developing this database to make them easy to find, so please spread the word and encourage others to register or search.

Your feedback would be welcomed:

Please note that this is not a database of UK made collections who only sell their own brands, nor of general UK based suppliers.

UKFT & Endorsement

UKFT does not endorse any company listed on Let's Make it Here.  It relies on users to keep it informed of any relevant changes to those listed, or to highlight any companies that do not manufacture in the UK. For full details please refer to our Conditions of Use.